Julia Gorostidi is a French/Swiss artist living and working between Barcelona and London. Trained as a Graphic designer she works as a freelancer for 9 years before changing direction in 2012 to develop her current practice.

Working in the fields of video, performance and installation, Julia Gorostidi develops long and short term projects that explores the limits of dualist views in today's society and their impacts on the construction and definition of identity. In a world where the distinctions between physical and virtual, self and others, private and public seem to become increasingly blurred, Julia’s work is mainly concerned with the variations in perception and with the intersubjective relationships between subject, object, author and spectator. By employing techniques resembling “Exquisite corpse” and “Chinese whisper”, she also imagines multi-layered works that invite the viewer to reflect on the notions of “origins” and “authenticity” in identity representation.

Julia Gorostidi holds a BA in Graphic design from the ECAL (2005, Lausanne; CH) and a MFA in Fine Arts from the Goldsmiths College (2015, London; UK)

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